Open Position

Freelance Copywriter

Web Development Dubai creative team is looking for an experienced, talented and awesome copywriter. The perfect candidate will be driven to craft innovative copy solutions who are enthusiastic about language. Working with the content, brand and comms strategists, the copywriters will help develop unique content based on campaigns and themes in various forms such as blog posts, white papers, should be able to create marketing content for wide variety of brands while capturing their voice and collaborating daily with designers, strategy and UX. They understand and anticipate the needs and concerns of their team members so they can come up with great copy that rises above those challenges.

They are confident in their abilities and believe in the writing they produce, and they can represent the writer’s and reader’s perspective in work sessions and review. Our clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds and a copywriter should be able to adjust their writing accordingly.

Position Requirements:

  • 3+ years of previous creative experience
  • You have a strong knowledge of trending cultural topics
  • You able to produce awesome work without constant supervision
  • Ability to communicate with both internal teams and clients
  • An appreciation for the relationship between textual and visual elements
  • Proven ability to create copy for a variety of audiences, brands, and industries
  • Attention to small details in both copy decks and designs it’s extremely important
  • You should have a great knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and various standard style guides

You’ll need to provide us a few things:

  • A letter that explains why you’re a good fit for this position
  • Your resume emphasizing any pertinent experience you have
  • Links to current examples of your work in use
Please send your resume to